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Friday, 22 April 2011

Tregothnan Estate visit Rolle Estate Office

On Friday the Tregothnan Estate visited us. In the morning they held their Board Meeting in the Rolle Board Room and then Lord Clinton, Leigh and myself joined them for a working lunch and afternoon meeting. Tregothnan Estates were interested in our public engagement strategy and our plans for the future - to be honest we learnt as much from them! In 2001 they launched Tregothnan Tea grown in the garden to the main house. It is now an international success story. It's a premium quality brand and next time you are in Fortnum and Masons you can pick some up! A really interesting story of a family business diversifying into a totally new product area. At Clinton Devon we are focussing on our core businesses of property and land management. However the Tregothnan story highlights that we should always be on the look out about how we can add value in unique and profitable ways. Tregothnan tea all started from an idea by the manager of the gardens.

Over the next 10 year strategy period to 2021 I am keen that everyone on the Estate has an opportunity to bring forward ideas for adding value, reducing cost and generating new business. We can discuss some of this at next week's Departmental Review Meeting in North Devon, which, coincidently, involves a tour of the garden at Heanton Satchville. Be on the look out for Camilias, a variety of which produces Tregothnan Tea!!!

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