This blog is aimed at the Clinton Devon Estate team to let everyone know what the Estate Director is up to... By popular demand! Let me have your feedback...

Monday, 4 April 2011

Farm Strategy to 2021

Useful morning with Clinton Devon Farm team considering 10 year strategy paper for formal review on 18th. A lot of things to consider - the next 10 years could be a roller coaster of uncertainty with competing pressures on land and finance. Dairy is definitely going to be our focus but risks need to be managed. George Perrot and Peter Baughan left for lunch with Richard Benyon Defra Minister to discuss Catchment Sensitive Farming... After everything the Farm team have done to comply with NVZ Regs and our organic conversion programme I hope some very positive messages are received on Clinton Farms' exemplary stewardship of the Lower Otter Valley...


  1. Brilliant start John, personally see this as a big step to sharing knowledge throughout the estate. Keep them coming and I promise to follow up with a few probing questions!

  2. Thanks Luke... Lets see what others think!

  3. John
    This is agreat idea I hope everyone uses it. We will also score points with IIP & Best Companies.