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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Fly tipping and vandalism

Sadly the new policy by Devon CC to charge residential customers to take certain waste to the recycling centre appears to be already having an impact on the landscape.  The Estate in the past week has seen a 300% increase in fly tipping on farm land and more worryingly the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths SSSI.  We have written to the CEO of Devon CC and will be gathering evidence of the increase of fly tipping over the coming weeks.  We intend to lobby Devon CC to reverse this policy in due course.  In the meantime we will robustly deal with anyone found fly tipping on Estate land - cameras are being installed and we will seek to prosecute.  Where we find that the responsibility for removal rests with others (including the Local Authority) we will ensure that they take their responsibilities seriously.  In the past, with lower volumes of activity, we have been more "generous" in dealing with this issue - in future we cannot afford to let others off the hook!  Clare is taking a lead with this issue, supported by George and John W.

Yesterday we heard of yet another act of vandalism on the China Tower.  We are gathering evidence and will seek to identify and prosecute those responsible.  It really is mindless vandalism of a very historic and important building...

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