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Monday, 18 April 2011

Farm Strategy - Partners Meeting

Today we held a full day session discussing the proposed strategy for Clinton Farms 2011 to 2021. Family and Trustees of General Fund were present. The day was facilitated by Duncan Rawson of European Food and Farming Partnerships. An extensive session which looked at every aspect of external impacts on the farm, the fit with the overall Estate strategy and the wishes of the partners. Much recognition was given to the tremendous team at Clinton Farms led by George who have turned the farm around over the past 13 years. We have a solid platform from which to launch our 10 year strategy. The output from the meeting is being prepared and will be presented to the wider Estate and discussed in detail with everyone at Clinton Farms in due course. In a nutshell there was a continued commitment to invest in the dairy business whilst continuing with a mixed farming system to provide flexibility and adaptability. We will investigate a wide range of renewable initiatives and, over time, look to experiment in emerging and related opportunities such as working with partners on organic vegetable production and new crops. Fossil fuel reduction will be a focus over the period along with water management and storage. A strong focus on reducing unit costs of production, enhancing environmental outcomes, engaging with the public and where practical helping to support educational initiatives. An important aspect discussed was encouraging employee engagement in turning the strategy into reality. Overall a very stimulating session. Farm Partners commented on the very professional briefing papers prepared by George, Peter and Andrew - well done!

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