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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Meeting residents of Exmouth

In past few weeks it has proven remarkably difficult to meet with and engage with the Town Council about the LDF process.  So, we are now engaging direct with residents.

We have been to the AGMs of Littleham Residents Association and TARA (Avenues).  I enjoyed both.  Real people with real issues. I want to do more of this and we are working up a comprehensive engagement and consultation plan for the coming weeks.  On Monday 14th November we hope to meet for an information session with some Town Councillors and representatives from resident's associations.  We will talk about the Estate, our strategy and approach to Liverton Business Park and the LDF in respect of Littleham.  Hopefully the start of a wider engagement?

Feedback indicates that local people would like to see something done about the industrial site.  We are working on engaging with the stakeholders there to see if we can exercise some influence.  If we can deliver our Plumb Park 350 proposal then we may well have resources to do something quite exciting as well as open up a large open access park around "Donkey Hill".  Affordable housing is the message we keep getting and we intend to respond to this...

We need to talk to Sandy Bay re traffic and we will do this over the coming weeks.

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