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Monday, 21 November 2011


My three minute presentation to EDDC Development Management Committee on Friday 18th November can be found at www.clintondevon.com - hopefully uploaded today.

I made the case:

That in the last 15 years Exmouth contributed 30% of the Districts’ houses, however, in the last 5 years it contributed 22%; all in line with the facts that:

It houses 25% of the population of the District; household sizes are reducing and, it’s getting harder to develop within the built up area boundary.

But the LDF Panel says that Exmouth should now only deliver 11% - 1,700 houses - and this figure includes:

• 482 already built and 391 under construction or with permission. Of those built only 32 were affordable and taking this pattern on, out of 873, ONLY 57 WOULD BE AFFORDABLE! That’s 6.5%!

• 137 houses that have “made progress”

• 150 dwellings for allocation

• 540 as strategic allocations (Littleham and Goodmores Farm); that is 3.5% of the overall total.

When you consider that provision of affordable and other housing for young families is the number one priority for Exmouth when demand is massive it is rather depressing that the politicians present (presumably who don't need affordable housing) can be so cavalier as to think that their plan will deliver it when the facts clearly show that they have no chance.  Only one or two individuals questioned whether Exmouth needed to look again at the numbers but they were swiftly silenced and the agenda moved on.

No one took any notice or challenged the figures so we go to consultation with 190.  We now need to decide how we approach the consultation.  We intend to engage with local people as well as those interested in improving infrastructure around Littleham and wider Exmouth.  We are particularly interested in hearing about community infrastructure and also from those interested in affordable housing provision.

A specific website will be launched shortly to help us with this engagement.

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