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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A lot going on...

Attended quite a number of interesting meetings over past few weeks.  Environment Agency Board Meeting in Cardiff with a tour of the Welsh Assembly - remarkable building and facilities.  Chance to talk to those involved in bringing together Forestry Commission, CCW and EA Wales into one body...

Forestry Panel Meeting in London - minutes will be out shortly.  Progress is being made.

Nature Improvement Area judging Panel at Defra, London - getting 79 to 20 was not easy - some amazing applications. I am looking forward to having the privilege of judging the final few to get to 12!

At the Estate the key meeting has been our Board Meeting - this time in Devon with video links back to London to get up to date reports on the economy and global markets.  A great meeting, a lot to discuss about progress on the delivery of year one of our ten year strategy.  We are making progress on a number of fronts but in one or two areas it is quite frustrating - more in another post!

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