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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

360 degree feedback - a challenge!

In order to stimulate feedback on this blog I thought I would begin to pose some questions... Following the success of Derek Wood's work with a lot of the team on personal development and personality profiling I am discussing with Derek what we do next...

So in a few weeks time we will be trialing with the senior management team 360 degree feedback. This is an approach which involves an individual asking a small number of colleagues to give anonymous and confidential feedback, identifying areas to improve the individual's performance and effectiveness. We will focus the process on what we need to do to deliver our strategy over the next ten years.

It is not just for the management team. To improve our effectiveness across the organisation I hope that we will use this approach widely. So once the senior team have trialled it we will roll it out further.

What do you think!?


  1. This sounds like a very good idea. In light of some very positive feedback and from my own experiences I can report that the blog is being very well received. It is nice to have a wider understanding of major events and some of the factors effecting both the internal and external environment of the estate (I even found myself checking up on recent activities whilst studying in Bristol over the last week).

    However, to be really beneficial information does have to flow both ways and the 360 degree feedback sounds like an ideal way to kick start this process. Additionally, finishing the blogs with a related question should help to spark off debate.

  2. 360 Degree Appraisal
    Thanks for supporting the idea of 360 degree feedback. I’ve seen it create division in senior teams when handled incorrectly and seen transformation happen when used elegantly. It’s all about the intention and skill of those who facilitate the process.

  3. 360 degree feedback programs can range from any deviations from the traditional vertical form of performance appraisal to highly sophisticated feedback systems that systematically gather, analyze, and disseminate behavior data to managers, professionals, and even rank-and-file workers functioning in teams 360 degree feedback.