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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Leading in a complex world: Simplify and Amplify...

Professor Maznevski led a session on trying to implement strategy in a complex world.  Today we must NOT try to simplify situations.  Simplification is an illusion.  Complex animals can adapt to complex environments...  simple animals are less adaptable and if their niche changes they can't adapt.

Most complex aspect of any company is it's human brains and relationships.  Yet only 30 to 70 (max)% of any company brains' intellectual capacity is being utilised.  Therefore we should push to use more to deal more effectively with today's complexity!

Brain - empower knowledge

Relationships - empower connectivity

Two characters to help us balance our leadership in a complex world -

Hercules and Buddha


Single mindedness
Rational thought
Accomplishing goals
Win wealth and status

In management -

Procedures; hierarchy; market share; results; co-ordination


Path to enlightenment
Knowledge and wisdom
Rising above conflict

In Management - informal processes; networks; collaboration; development; exploring alternatives; long term planning

You should operate in both H and B modes at appropriate times to be successful in dealing with complexity.  Simplify and Amplify.


Clear mission
Values and organisational structure
Simple and clear authority
Some core processes

Amplify the ability to respond and create opportunities:

Facilitate innovation and empowerment in decision making
Coach, ask questions and develop alternatives
Increase informal networks and collaboration

Example Nelson Mandela "forgiveness liberates the soul - it is such a powerful weapon"

Be both Buddha and Hercules... take responsibility for what you simplify and what you amplify...

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